Tom Pritchett

Registered Landscape Architect

and Licensed Irrigator

Tom Pritchett has been providing full-service landscape planning and design services for over 30 years. With a Master in Landscape Architecture from Harvard University Graduate School of Design, Tom brings professionalism, technical know-how and unparalleled creativity to every project, from individual residences to large commercial properties. His company, T.H. Pritchett / Associates, has earned awards and a first-class reputation as one of the country's leading landscape architecture firms. 

Tom is the lead designer and client contact on all projects, so you can be sure the quality of your design and customer service will be exceptional. He is budget-minded and works with clients to get the best prices on plants and materials. While his office is located in Irving, Texas, Tom works with clients both near and far.

Landscape Architecture services range from new residential landscape designs including amenities like swimming pools, spas, gardens, fountains, walls, fences, special paving, fire pits, trellis areas and driveways to entire residential communities requiring large community entrance signage, streetscape, amenity centers, parks, outdoor recreation areas, entry walks, pedestrian iron and wood entry gates, site grading, and drainage and irrigation systems.

Site Master Planning includes an analysis of the land and its charter, existing trees, creeks, views, local development codes, other planned developments near by, planned roadways, access roads, utilities and drainage requirements. Based on these factors, Tom works closely with the client and local cities to create a series of site plans that meet all needs and exceed all expectations. The plans may be in the form of sketches, computer renderings or 3-D models as needed.

—Tom Pritchett

"Each garden must be aesthetically pleasing and serve the client's unique lifestyle."
extraordinary features
unparalleled creativity

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Registered Landscape Architect, Texas #2115

Registered Landscape Architect, Hawaii, #17831

Licensed Irrigator, Texas  #LI0019104

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